Friday, October 23, 2009

Supplemental Oxygen For Your 4 Legged Dog

Dogs wearing supplemental Oxygen masks
Aircraft owners who fly at very high altitudes when traveling to far-off destinations know that they need supplemental oxygen masks for them and their passengers. Now more and more pilots are bringing their for legged friend with them on their trip. The dogs will often fall asleep and then walks sideways and doesn't act right for an hour after flight. Then they'll go back to normal. You can get hypxia, headaches, dizziness, loss of breath, blurred vision and mental confusion while flying and now pets can have the all new oxygen masks created by 4 Paws Aviation. With the oxygen the animals are alert and responsive.

With the all new 4Paws Aviation's dog oxygen hoods dogs can be safe while flying with you.

Sizes of Oxygen Hood
*neck sizes determined by circumference of your dog's neck.
Extra-Small: 7" and Under
Small: 7.5" to 9"
Medium: 9.5"to 13"
Large: 13.25" to 15.5"
Extra Large: 15.75" to 20"
Double Extra Large: 20" and Up

Prices of Oxygen Hood
Small: $199.95
Medium: $199.95
Large: $199.95
Extra Large: $209.95
Double Extra Large: $214.95

Lycoming Extends Engine Offer

Lycoming Engines has extended its offer to give customers a zero-time rebuilt engine for the price of a factory overhaul to December 4. This was originally scheduled to end August 31.

To find out if you qualify or to find a distributor, click on "How to Buy" and then choose "Distributors" from the drop-down menu or call 800-258-3279.