Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grand Forks International Aiport FBO now part of Phillips 66 Network

Grand Forks International Airport (GFK) in Grand Forks, North Dakota has made a deal with The Hiller Group to supply Phillips 66 aviation fuel and equipment. Customers who use a Phillips 66 Aviation Cards with WingPoints Rewards Card at GFK Flight Support you can earn double points and relieve and additional 10 cents of per gallon with the use of a Phillips 66 Aviation credit card. 

Aspen Evolution Training Program Debuts

Flying the Aspen Evolution from Sporty's explores everything to basic setup and shortcuts and advanced functions. Watch MFD, traffic, weather overlay, full ILS approach to feature PFD, MFD.

The DVD is $29.95. 

FAA Proposes Limits on Companies Hiring FAA Inspectors

WASHINGTON — In a move to prevent potential conflicts of interests that could affect aviation safety, the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing to put limits on airlines and other operators hiring FAA safety inspectors and their managers for two years after those employees leave the agency.
The proposed rule would prohibit air carriers, flight schools, repair stations and other certificated organizations from employing or contracting with former FAA inspectors and managers to represent them in agency matters if the former employee had any direct oversight of the certificate holder in the preceding two years. This rule also would apply to anyone who owns or manages a fractional ownership program aircraft.

“We’re committed to making sure operators don’t hire their former FAA inspectors and create even a perception of inappropriate activities,” said FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. “The ‘cooling off’ period we’re proposing actually exceeds the restrictions applicable to most businesses that hire former Federal employees.”

Current law basically forbids former federal employees (including those at the FAA) to represent an entity before the government on matters in which they were involved. It also places a 2-year restriction on those same former employees from representing anyone in matters that the employee was directly responsible for. The new proposal goes a step further by placing inspector hiring restrictions on FAA-certified companies and fractional ownership operations themselves.

FAA policy already provides for a 2-year cooling off period for newly employed aviation safety inspectors, prohibiting them from having certificate management responsibilities over their former aviation employer.
The rule would not keep operators from hiring former inspectors to serve in other positions (e.g. aircraft dispatcher, flight attendant, maintenance technician, pilot, or training instructor) as long as they do not represent the operator in FAA matters.

The FAA is asking for public comments until February 19, 2010. The text of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking is at:

AeroRouter Introduces the AeroRouter 800

International Communications Group, Inc. (ICG) has developed a new data router for airborne applications. The AreoRouter 800 is a line replaceable unit (LRU) and is designed to be compatible with any communications business. The router has two internal 8-2.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi transceivers, Gatelink wireless connections, and ICG NxtMail service.

Aviation Fabricators Receives STC for Learjet 55 Divan

Aviation Fabricators recently received STC approval for its Learjet 55 Divan. To install it you need to remove all the existing seats and furnishings. It can be installed on the side of the aircraft.

ICG Introduces New CTU the AeroCom 1700

International Communications Group (ICG) has debuted a new Cabin Telephony Unity (CTU), the AeroCom 1700.