Saturday, November 7, 2009

NBAA 09: Piaggo Aero Planning Strong 2010

Piaggio Aero is planning to plan to build 27-30 aircraft next year.

NBAA 09: Doriner Seastar to Market Soon

Photo: Doriner Seastar
The Seastar is all-composite 12-seat, 10,000 pounds amphibious flying boat. It is LBA and FAA certified to FAR Part 23 amendment 34.

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NBAA 09: EMS Sky Connect Unveils Forte AirMail

At NBAA 2009 EMS Sky Connect has unveiled Forte AirMail. The Forte AirMail is for owners and pilots of business aircraft who wants to access email via Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and other handheld devices. The Forte AirMail allows the user to manage airtime usage through several access modes and also allows the user to control the connection behavior in the aircraft on ground.

Includes: Wi-Fi access point, Forte AirMail Iridium transceiver, Iridium antenna
Price: $25,995

NBAA 09: Eclipse Aviation Sue former Officers, Directors and Employees

A lawsuit was filed on October 9, 2009 in New Mexico District Court on behalf of plaintiffs SM Aircraft Leasing and 136 other Eclipse 500 deposit holders against defendants Vern Raburn, plus other former Eclipse Aviation directors, officers and senior employees, seeking unspecified damages resulting from Eclipse's failure to deliver aircraft they ordered or return their deposits.

The suit, filed by attorney Gregory Chase of Albuquerque's Shapiro Bettinger Chase LLP, alleges that this resulted from the defendants being involved in "negligent representation, negligent failure to oversee and control, constructive fraud, breach of fiduciary duties, civil conspiracy and violations of the New Mexico Unfair Practices Act".

The $75-million D & O insurance policy is a main target of the lawsuit, according to one of the plaintiffs and one of the defendants. But, individual defendants also could be held liable for additional damages. It is likely that the plaintiffs will seek both compensation for actual loss of their cash deposits for new Eclipse 500 aircraft that were never delivered, as well as punitive damages against the defendants.

One plaintiff told Aviation Week that Chase will collect at least one-quarter of any settlement or court judgment. However, Hub International, the lead insurer for Eclipse Aviation before its insolvency, and other high net-worth defendants, are likely to fight the case in court, if a quick and reasonable settlement cannot be reached. If the case does go to trial, final resolution of the matter might not be achieved in less than five to seven years, according to one defendant.

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NBAA 09: Bill Garvey Wins Dave Ewald Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award

At NBAA 2009, Bill Garvey has won NBAA's Dave Ewald Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award.

NBAA 09: HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine Light Turbofan Engine Completes First Tests

HondaJet's HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine light turbofan engine complete its first test on October 8, 2009. GE Honda Aero Engine showcased them at NBAA 09 the lightweight, fuel-efficient low-emission HF120 turbofan engine for the HA-420 HondaJet.

HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine
  • Engine type: 2-spool turbofan, 1-stage fan, 2-stage compressor, 2-stage turbine
  • Take-off thrust: 1,880 lbf
  • Bypass ratio: 2.9
  • Engine pressure ratio: 24
  • Thrust/weight ratio: More than 5
  • Maximum diameter: 21.2 inches
  • Length**: 44 inches
  • Weight: Less than 400 lb
  • Noise: Achieves CFR36 stage 4 requirements with substantial margin
  • Specific fuel consumption: Less than 0.70 lb/hr/lbf
  • Control: Dual-channel FADEC

* Specifications provided by GE-Honda Aero Engines, LLC.
** Length does not include center body.

NBAA 09: Embraer Unveils Legacy 650

Photo: Embraer Legacy 650
At the NBAA convention Embraer has unveiled their Legacy 650. The Legacy 650 is a business executive jet. This aircraft can fly 3,900 nmi. further than the Legacy 600 and can carry 2,500 pounds of payload over the same 3,400 nm. range as the 600. It has improved cabin sound comfort, the most comfortable cabin in its class and three spacious cabin zones. It is also the largest baggage compartment in the market. The seats are comfortable and the seats also recline.

Legacy 650 Engine
  • AE 3007A2 – Intelligent Innovation
  • Optimized for the Legacy 650
  • The latest AE 3007 model combines an advanced wide-chord fan with a service-proven
    core and updated software that optimizes engine fuel consumption for long range cruise.
  • Higher thrust and lower fuel burn – 9,020 lb ISA, SL, all engines
  • ISA+15ÂșC Flat Rating
  • More payload and increased range
  • Superior aerodynamic performance and mechanical robustness
  • Proven reliability, performance and safety record
  • Over 35 million flying hours on all AE 3007 models
  • Incorporates the latest Rolls-Royce technology
  • World-class services solutions – CorporateCare®
  • On-condition maintenance
Honeywell Primus Elite
Upcoming new features* on Legacy 650 cockpit:
  • New LCD Displays
  • CCD - Control Cursor Device
  • Coupled VNAV
  • RNP 0.3
  • Charts and maps capability
  • FANS 1/A CPDLC + Datalink Recorder
  • WAAS / LPV
  • XM Weather capability (US only)
  • Honeywell SmartRunawayTM and SmartLandingTM
  • Data loader – DL1000



Maximum Ramp 53,727 24,370
Maximum Takeoff 53,572 24,300
Maximum Landing 44,092 20,000
Maximum Zero Fuel 36,156 16,400
Basic Operating 31,284 14,190
Max Payload 4,872 2,210
Usable Fuel (mass) 20,728 9,402
Payload Full Fuel 1,715 778
Maximum baggage weight * 1,000 454

Legacy 650 Cost
Fuel (@ US$ 4.25 /gal) (1)
Airframe Maint. Labor (2)
Airframe Maint. Parts (2)
Miscellaneous Expenses (3)

DOC Total