Saturday, October 24, 2009

Revised "51% Policy" Finally Released - Good News for Kit Builders and Kit Makers

The FAA has finally released the revised 51% policy on the amateur-built aircraft certification. The FAA has revised (amateur-built aircraft certification policy) and the (Advisory Circular 20-27G) that'll tell the amateur builders on how to properly certify every step of the building process.

Signature Flight Triples AVTRIP Points

Picture: AVTRIP Card
Signature Flight Support is offering triple AVTRIP points at selected United States locations through the end of the year when a customer "tops off." "Tops off"promotion is supposed to get customers to purchased more gallons of fuel. "Tops off" promotion runs till December 31 and will be awarded triple AVTRIP points.

Avidyne Offers Rebates

Avidyne is now offering rebates up to 5,000

Customers who buy Avidyne unites such as EXP5000, EX5000, EX500, RWX, TAS, MLB, MLX, MHD and R9 will recieve $500 rebate.

Rebate Per Unit
$1,500 for 2 units
$3,000 for 3 units
$5,000 for 4 units

People who wants a rebate must fill out the on-line rebate form prior to purchase order. The dealer must list customer's name and aircraft registration number on purchased order. The products must ship on or before December 31.

National Association of State Aviation Officials Elects New Offices and Presents Awards

Members of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) elected Victor Bird of Oklahoma chairman of the board of directors for the year 2010 at their annual convention and tradeshow in Tuscon, Arizona. Victor Bird is the director of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. In 2002 Victor Bird served as NASAO's vice chairman, treasurer and secretary of the board.

Randall Burdette, director of the Virginia Department of Aviation, was elected vice chairman. Joe Pestka, administrator of aviation for of the Missouri Department of Transportation, was elected treasurer and secretary. Travis Vallin, director of the Colorado Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics, still National Association of State Aviation Officials Executive Committee.

Kenneth A. Rowe Ambassador of Aviation Award: It is the highest award that the National Association of State Aviation Officials members can get. This award goes to Dr. David Fulton, a former NASAO president. He is also a former director of the Texas Department of Transportation Aviation Division since 1992 and a former Tennessee Department of Transportation Office of Aeronautics for 16 years.

2009 Most Innovative State Program Award: This award recognizes a state for finding a solution to a challenging problem of the past year. This award goes to The Colorado Division of Aeronautics and was recognized for its Non-Federal Sensor Data Collection System.

2009 Distinguished Service Award: The award goes to people who has excellence in service and dedication to aviation progress and development in their states. This award goes to two people. Cynthia Kever, Missouri Department of Transportation Aviation Section and Karon Wiedemann, Texas Department of Transportation Division of Aviation.

2009 Center Aviation Education Program Award: This award recognizes the efforts of the state aviation agencies to educate and motivate the public with aviation-related education programs. We recognize the Arizona Aeronautics Division for its Aerospace Badge Workshop.

National Association of State Aviation Officials National Service Award for Lifetime Achievement: This award goes to World War II Women Army Pilots, Sylvia Clayton, Lee Doerr and Ruth Helm

Cessna Offers Deposit Amplifier on Cessna 182s

Cessna Aircraft Co. has unveiled a deposit amplifier program through the end of the year that adds $30,000 to a deposit on a new Cessna 182 or Cessna Turbo 182. This offer also includes free service bulletin for one of the following: Garmin Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT), Garmin Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS-B), Jeppesen Chartview (subscription not included).

The Cessna 182 and Cessna Turbo 182 features Lycoming IO-540 engine, Garmin G1000 avionics. When fitted with a turbocharge, the top speeds jumps from 150 knots to 176 knots.