Saturday, January 9, 2010

My School -Bettendorf Community School District- has an Airplane Article Up

MS Student Receives 3 Year Scholarship to EAA Camp
The Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc. recently announced that Brandon Gore, BMS student, has been accepted to attend the EAA Young Eagles Camp 2010 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Brandon is receiving 3 full scholarships from the local EAA Chapter 75, Quad Cities, IL to attend the next 3 years.

The EAA Air Academy offers young people the opportunity to meet and work with aviation professionals, while living and learning the arts, sciences, and lore of aviation in both classroom and workshop settings. Participants are ages 12-13 and come from around the United States and several foreign countries for the 64 slots.

Note: This is My School District
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Ryan Christopher Mouritsen Dead at 33

I received an email from Brennan Callan and here's what it said.

Dear Adam,
Thank you for all of your work on the 2009 EAA Memorial Wall information. Ryan Christopher Mouritsen, 33-years of age at death, was a beloved friend and I miss him desperately to the point it is hard to breath when I think of his absence and my heart aches in ways that seem unnatural. Seeing that you have honored my friend only makes me proud to be a fellow member of EAA.

Adam, as someone who has a loved one on this 2009, I must thank you from the bottom of my broken heart for your efforts to maintain the webpages and honor the special pilots so enumerated on this list.

I loved him so much that I held an Aviation Memorial in Louisville, Kentucky on 28 September 2009 for him with a 1935 Waco biplane and a banner-plane that pulled a banner saying, "Goodbye Ryan Mouritsen [heart shaped symbol]."

At this ceremony, Ryan Mouritsen also posthumously was awarded the "Kentuckiana Cinematography Club (KCC) Lifetime Achievement Award" for his contributions to the motion picture and Television and entertainment industry."

I tried to post my note to your site, but I do not have any of the social network assoications required to post to you. I hope this note makes it this time.

The following aviation poem inspired me to put on the Aviation Memorial for Ryan in the way I did with the banner-plane and the biplane.


Hon. Brennan James Callan, Col.
President/ Founder of Kentuckiana Cinematography Club (KCC)