Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AvFab Recieves STC Approval for Headrest on Beechcraft King Air

Aviation Fabricators (AvFab) recently received STC approval for its Clear View Headrest o Beechcraft King Air seats. The headrest replaces plug in headrest. The new headrest can extend above the seat.

Garnett Industrial Airport adds AWOS

The Garnett Industrial Airport (K68) in Garnett, Kansas completed installation of a Belfort DigiWx II AWOS AV system. It is FAA certified automated weather system with altimeter and visibility with advisory winds, temperature and humidity. "Adding the AWOS AV to our airport adds another layer of safety to the airport operations," said Gary Ecclefield, airport manager.

Bill Sets 1500-Hour Minimum for Commercial 121 Pilots

Mr. Obama administration and Randy Babbitt imposed a 1,500-hour minimum for the commercial pilots flying part 121.