Saturday, September 12, 2009

AirNav to Release 3D ADS-B Flight Tracking Software

AirNav System is planning to release AirNav RadarBox 3D, a tri-dimensional worldwide flight tracking sofware package for Novemeber 26. The software will provide people the opportunity to track flights in real-time and display them on a 3D graphical interface powered by Google Earth and embedded in the applications.


Personal Personal
Airline and general aviation flights included
All USA and Canada flights (other regions included)
View photos of tracked aircraft
Link to FAA's Aircraft Registration Database
Renewed graphics and interface
Live Airport Information
Only application with Multi-Window tracking
The less expensive price on the market
Information on planned and landed traffic
All times in Local and UTC formats
Blocked flights shown
Airport inbound/outbound flights in different colors
Just an Internet connection needed
No restrictions on airports and flights tracked
Access to European/Worldwide Flights New
Unlimited Monthly Usage
Real-time updated Radar/Cloud weather overlay
Access to METAR/TAF/FAA Airport Status
Track a flight and Fleet Watch functions
Flight Plans displayed
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Personal/European Edition Pricing

Personal Edition
(All US/Canada flights)
($79.95) $59.95 each 3 months
(just $19.95 per month)
Order Now
European Edition
(Europe + US/Canada)
€ 59.95 each 3 months
(just € 19.95 per month)
£44.95 each 3 months
(just £14.95 per month)
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Professional Edition Pricing

Monthly Subscription
US$ 149.95 per month
Order Now
One Time Payment
valid for 1 year
US$ 1299.95
(25% discount included)
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Please don't hesitate to request the assistance of an AirNav Systems Sales Representative. We offer volume discounts of up to 40%. Contact Us

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  1. The RadarBox 3D images of the 3D planes looks very cool in the beta test photos. It will improve the ADSB product lines in a few years.

    -Brian RadarBox 3D,Kinetics SBS1er, AIS ShipTrax 2010, Spotters Forum.