Wednesday, October 28, 2009

iTowBots Debuts

The iTowBots are a remote control aircraft tugs and are now available at Aircraft Spruce. The iTowBot loading sequence is as easy as driving the unit directly under the nosewheel of your aircraft. iTowbot is engineered so that when the aircraft loads, the weight of the loaded aircraft doesn't inhibit zero-turn capability. A foot-operated release allows the operator to unlock the swivel carriage and back out from beneath the nosewheel. The operator can drive the unit back into its spot into the hangar, with no tugging, pushing or rolling up extension cords required.

  • Measures 38" Wide x 46" Long x 12" High
  • Powerful Reversible 24 Volt DC Motors
  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Powder-Coated Frame
  • Virtually Zero Maintenance
  • Easy Ergonomic Remote Control Handset
  • Max Towing Speed 1.7 Feet Per Second
  • Overvoltage Thermally Protected
  • Tows Aircraft up to 15,000+ Pounds Gross Weight
  • Trouble Free Cast Iron Rims with Non-Marking Moldon Wheels
  • Solid State Heavy Duty Fully Articulating Motor Control
  • Hybrid Zero Turn Capability about Stationary Nosewheel
  • Built in Interference Protection Featuring Spektrum's New 2.4 Ghz Technology
  • Equipped with Solid State Battery Charger/Maintainer
  • Also available with built-in 24V Auxiliary Power Plug (APU) & Power Cord
Standard Unit: $7499.00
Standard Unit with APU: $8499.00
Dual Wheel Carriage: $7695.00
Dual Wheel with APU: 8695.00
Wheel Paint Unit: $7495.00
Wheel Paint with APU: $8495.00
Heavy Duty Single Wheel Carriage: $7999.00
Heavy Duty Single Wheel Carriage with APU: $8999.00
Heavy Dual Wheel Carriage: $8195.00
Heavy Duty Dual Wheel Carriage with APU: $9195.00
*You can order online at

Cessna Citation

Cessna 210

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