Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cessna Pilots Association Releases “Cessna 210 Centurion Inspection Guidelines”

Photo: Cessna 210 Centurion
The Cessna Pilots Association (CPA) has released "Cessna 210 Centurion Inspection Guidelines" to help Cessna 210 owners. The guidelines were created by CPA Executive Director: John Fran and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator after a crash. The cause is some cracks in the airplane. The "Cessna 210 Centurion Inspection Guidelines" shows the aircraft owner and mechanic how to determine what to inspect on a Cessna 210 Centurion, how to perform the inspection and when to do the inspection.

To order a copy of "Cessna 210 Centurion Inspection Guidelines," you must Cessna Pilots Association member. It is available for $60.00, plus shipping or order 805-934-0493.

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