Saturday, November 7, 2009

NBAA 09: HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine Light Turbofan Engine Completes First Tests

HondaJet's HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine light turbofan engine complete its first test on October 8, 2009. GE Honda Aero Engine showcased them at NBAA 09 the lightweight, fuel-efficient low-emission HF120 turbofan engine for the HA-420 HondaJet.

HF120 GE Honda Aero Engine
  • Engine type: 2-spool turbofan, 1-stage fan, 2-stage compressor, 2-stage turbine
  • Take-off thrust: 1,880 lbf
  • Bypass ratio: 2.9
  • Engine pressure ratio: 24
  • Thrust/weight ratio: More than 5
  • Maximum diameter: 21.2 inches
  • Length**: 44 inches
  • Weight: Less than 400 lb
  • Noise: Achieves CFR36 stage 4 requirements with substantial margin
  • Specific fuel consumption: Less than 0.70 lb/hr/lbf
  • Control: Dual-channel FADEC

* Specifications provided by GE-Honda Aero Engines, LLC.
** Length does not include center body.

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