Friday, December 18, 2009

Aerox Mask gets FAA Nod

Aerox has received FAA approval for its medium altitude oxygen mask with microphone and medium mask without microphone.

Medium mask with Microphone
Part Number: 4110-712

Sizes: Small (-1), Medium (-2), and Large (-3)
Length: Hose (36 inches), Microphone Cord (5 feet)
Weight: 0.75 Pounds
Material: Mask Face/Silicone Rebreather/Taffeta
Inlet: 1/4 Inch 02 Bushing
Microphone Jack: PJ068
Operating Temp. Range: +20 degrees F. to 120 degrees F. (-7 degrees C. to +71 degrees C.)
Available Accessories: 4110-616...FMNV-PB1 (Flow Meter Needle Valve)
4110-617...FMNV-PB2 (Flow Meter Needle Valve)
4110-618...FMNV-SC (Flow Meter Needle Valve)
4110-626...FMV-PB1 (Flow Meter Valve Glow Meter)
4110-627...FMV-PB2 (Flow Meter Valve Glow Meter)
4110-628...FMV-SC (Flow Meter Valve Glow Meter)
4110-650 Aerox Flow Indicator
4119-614 Aerox Flowmeter Valve (Glow Meter)

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