Thursday, August 13, 2009

EAA AirVenture 09: Daily Airshow

At EAA AirVenture they have a daily airshow between 3:30-6:00 P.M. daily Monday-Saturday. Sunday's time is like 1:30-5:00? On Friday they have the Warbirds spectacular where they have pyro on Friday and Saturday. (I won't get alot of airshow information out on this site but I will put who performed at EAA AirVenture 2009)

Airshow performers
Liberty Parachute Team- Skydiving/Parachute
Chuck Aaron- Red Bull helicopter
AeroShell Aerobatic Team Bryan Regan lead, Mark Henley right wing, Steve Gustafson left wing, and Gene McNeely slot - T-6
Herb Barker- T-28
Bob Carlton- Jet Sailplane
The Collaborators Sean D. Tucker lead (Pitts Challenger II biplane), Ben Freelove right wing (Extra 300L), Eric Tucker left wing (Extra 300L), and Bill Stein slot (Edge 540)
Kyle Franklin/Amanda Franklin-Younkin (Wingwalking act)- Waco JMF-7
Mike Goulian- Extra 330SC
Ed Hamill- Pitts
Steve Oliver- de Havilland Chipmunk
Matt Younkin- Twin Beech 18
John Klatt- Staudacher S-300D
Bill Stein- Edge 540
Matt Chapman-CAP 231 EX
Julie Clark- T-34
Greg Koontz- Decathlon
David Martin- Extra 330
Jim Pietz- Bonanza
Patty Wagstaff- Extra 300S
Kirby Chambliss- Edge 540
Gene Soucy/Teresa Stokes- Grumman biplane wingwalking
Sean Tucker- Pitts Challenger II biplane
Susan Dacy- Stearman
Debbie Gary- SIAI Marchetti F260D
Misty Blues- Skydiving/Parachute
Jill Long- Pitts
Jess Panzer- Pitts
Melissa Pemberton- Edge 540
Debby Rihn-Harvey- CAP 232
Warbirds-WWII and current aircraft

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