Thursday, January 21, 2010

PS Engineering Debuts PMA6000B

PS Engineering has debuted an all new audio panel the PMA6000B (an updated version of the PMA6000). THE PMA6000B is smaller and lighter than its predecessor.

The next generation PMA6000B is a low cost audio panel that combines an audio selector panel with a top-quality manually adjusted VOX intercom and a slew of features to enhance versatility and utility.

Among the high points:

  • Uses a single 44-pin connector making installation easier.
  • Built-in 4 place mono intercom providing great cockpit communications.
  • The PMA6000B comes with or without a built-in marker beacon receiver.
  • Split mode allows the pilot and copilot to independently and simultaneously use both radios, even transmitting simultaneously on different frequencies.
  • Pilot and crew/passenger isolate functions are an integral part of the design.
  • Dual mono music inputs for passengers and crew are standard feature.

  • PSE's renowned Soft Mute technology gently and subtly ramps the music down when conversation comes across either the intercom or the radio.

  • A patented "swap" function (Patent #5,903,227) allows pilots to use a yoke-mounted switch to select Com 1 and Com 2 options without reaching for the panel.
  • High quality, single VOX manual control, voice-activated circuitry and individual microphone channels form the heart of the intercom system.
  • Passengers have their own voice and audio amplifiers.
  • Backlit switches linked with a photo sensor carefully calibrates panel lighting to cockpit levels for all situations.
  • Fail-safe feature automatically hard-wires the pilot to Com1 in the case of an outage.

  • Price: Audio Panel w/ 4 Place mono intercom remote $1195.00
    Price: Audio Panel w/ marker beacon receiver $1095.00

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